Reservation Information


Puppy purchase price is $1500 excluding the reservation fee.  Minnesota requires that we add Sales Tax effective Jan 2021.


  1. We do not take deposits in advance, when puppies are available we will post pictures and availability on the website.
  2. We will attempt to contact anyone who applied via the website.  If we do not get an answer or reply, we will remove you from the waiting list.
  3. When you select a puppy from the available pups on the website we will then take a deposit to hold that puppy. Fees may be paid via zelle, money order, cashiers check or personal check. Send fee payments to  If your bank isn’t participating in the Zelle system you can download the app and set it up using your debit card.  Fee payments may also be sent via personal check, however, if your check is returned your reservation of a puppy will be canceled. Receipt of payment would be the date your check clears the bank in the case of a personal check.  PLEASE DO NOT SEND A RESERVATION FEE UNTIL YOU HAVE BEEN NOTIFIED THAT YOU ARE APPROVED!
  4. When the vet appointment is set, we will provide access to our scheduling calendar so that you can reserve a time to pick up your puppy. Please arrive at your scheduled time so that we don't have multiple people here at the same time.  If you need to change your pickup time please call so that we can set up a free time slot.
  5. You can pay for your puppy on the day you pick him/her up or pay via Zelle in advance of pickup date. Cash or Zelle are the ONLY acceptable forms of payment on day of pick up. When the puppy is ready to go to its new home, the buyer agrees to take delivery of the puppy.  This normally occurs between 9 and 10 weeks from birth.   If we "hold" your puppy for you, there is a $15.00 per day boarding fee.
  6. Puppy socialization classes and ongoing obedience classes are mandatory to have a well behaved puppy. We can’t be responsible for temperament problems if ongoing obedience is not done.
  7. All puppies received their vaccines between 7-8 weeks of age and a booster at 9-10 weeks. Rabies shots are typically given between 12 – 16 weeks. Any other vaccines are your choice.  We do not vaccinate for lymes or lepto here.
  8. All puppies are registered under a limited AKC registration unless agreed upon prior to purchase. This allows all event activities except conformation and does not allow breeding or registration of any offspring.
  9. Any agreed upon refunds of the purchase price are issued when the the next litter of puppies go home. ie. if you cancel your reservation at 7 weeks, the refund will be sent week 9-10 when the litter of puppies go home.
  10. Agreed upon refunds requested after the puppies go home are satisfied when the next litter goes home.
  11. Deposit refunds if any are sent out when puppies go home.

This means there may be a waiting period so be sure you want a Showy Lady Puppy.



  1. Purchaser is responsible for ANY shipping charges. Seller is not responsible for injury that occurs during shipment or transportation by the purchaser. While we do not ship puppies or dogs you are welcome to fly out to pick up your puppy and fly him/her home with you. Previous owners have indicated that flying here and driving home with a rental vehicle is the easiest, safest and least expensive option. A ground transport service is also an option.  If you choose a ground transport the transport service is your representative and a health certificate is required at your cost.  Usually approx. $30.
  2. Purchaser agrees to provide regular exercise and proper care INCLUDING: grooming, annual vaccinations, heart worm preventative, and confining dog in fenced yard/area. While invisible fences may work they are not recommended for your dog. Please use an old fashioned fence or kennel to secure your dog. Some dogs may be alright with a 4ft fence so use your good judgment, cresteds can and will climb. Dogs who are only leash walked typically do not develop proper muscle and are more susceptible to injury.
  3. Purchaser agrees that if the puppy is to be kept outdoors at any time, purchaser will provide a fenced area with a shelter (must meet or exceed state humane society regulations) for protection from the severe cold and sun. If you do not have a fence you can leash walk or supervise your puppy/dog. The use of a tie out or chaining the dog is NOT an approved method of confining a Newfoundland.  Invisible fences will not keep a stray dog or other animal out and will not allow your dog to return if he/she breaches the barrier.  We have had people loose their dogs with invisible fences (hit by a car, attacked by another animal etc.)
  4. As a responsible breeder and according to AKC guidelines and our American Chinese Crested Club of America oath, we take responsibility for each and every puppy we produce for the life of that puppy. In order to live up to our oath and commitment to the breed we require that the purchaser contact the seller immediately in the event purchaser can no longer keep the dog. The dog MUST be returned to the SELLER without reimbursement of purchase price. We do not want puppies given away to friends or sold via the newspaper. We have extensive resources to ensure that puppies are not being placed in puppy mills or laboratories for research. In addition, while the buyer is agreeing to these terms, a third party would not be bound by them. For that reason, the buyer MUST return the dog to the breeder and the breeder will evaluate the dog, have the dog vetted, and determine the future placement of the dog, if any. The expenses of returning the dog to SELLER/BREEDER are the responsibility of the PURCHASER. If the buyer cannot keep the dog and he/she is placed with a third party, we will take all possible steps to regain possession of the dog. By initialing below you understand the above section.
  5. Purchaser agrees that this dog will NOT be given, sold to, leased or consigned to any pet shop, chain store, catalog sales house, commercial or retail animal establishment, any broker of animals, animal shelter or humane society. If this agreement is NOT complied with the seller will automatically regain possession of this dog. There will be an automatic fee for expenses incurred in regaining the dog charged to the purchaser of this dog payable to the seller/ breeder. By initialing below you understand the above section.
  6. All PET Cresteds are sold on a limited registration. It is mandatory that you NOT spay/neuter your pet before growth plates are closed. If your dog is spayed or neutered before growth plates are closed you will be contributing to hip/elbow dysplasia as well as late development heart disease.

Failure to comply with any of these mutually agreed upon conditions will be considered maltreatment under the state statute.

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